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Published: 16th June 2010
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The Chinese Made Easy series of textbooks and workbooks feature content and activities that help children learn Chinese in a lively, engaging atmosphere.

If in the past, studying language was a chore because of its notoriety to lull students to sleep, the text and exercises in the Chinese Made Easy series are presented in a variety of forms that will engage students. Besides the usual translation tests, students can enjoy reading and writing Chinese with page designs especially made for young students. Puzzle-type exercises with pictures will also occupy the child. The audio CD provided will also help kids identify the Chinese tones in the lesson.

Furthermore, kids will be able to relate to the topics covered in the Chinese Made Easy Textbooks and Workbooks. Content and exercises revolve around: self and family, everyday conversations, school and math concepts, community places and people, country and cultures, plus more.

For students who need a more basic primer for learning Chinese, Chinese Made Easy also came out with a more basic series, the Chinese Made Easy for Kids. Chinese Made Easy for Kids is designed for primary school-age children. It introduces children to words and concepts that will be used in the Chinese Made Easy series. Chinese Made Easy for Kids will help the young children write approximately 100 simple Chinese characters, read about 500 Chinese characters and develop basic listening and speaking skills in Chinese.

Childbook customer Regina Moores of Nevada, USA ordered Chinese Made Easy for her sons. She found that the children were easily able to follow the lessons with the audio CD even if they had no background on Mandarin.

New Approach to Studying Chinese Sustains Children's Interest

Before, language lessons consist of discussions first, then wrapped up with practical application. Chinese Made Easy adopted the Task-based Language Learning Approach to make lessons easier for kids. The Task-based Approach reverses the old system of studying language. With this approach, children are introduced to the lesson, assigned a related task where children get to apply the language first, and then wrapped up with a discussion. Chinese Made Easy adopted this approach to engage the young students in the lessons and encourage learning.

Interest Adults as Well?

Teachers and parents who are teaching either Traditional or Simplified Chinese can use Chinese Made Easy since both editions are available for the students. Pinyin is also taught for students to develop skills in writing Chinese characters. It is estimated that after using Chinese Made Easy textbooks and workbooks, students will acquire a vocabulary of approximately 1,700 Chinese characters and several thousand phrases.

That's not all. Big bonus: The Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids series is not only designed to be enjoyable to use, but also especially written to aid students who will take Chinese language examinations in different countries.

Chinese Made Easy content and activities are designed to equip students who will take the following Chinese tests in the following countries :

· GCSE/IGCSE/A-Level Mandarin Chinese Exams in United Kingdom

· SAT II/AP Chinese Examinations in the United States

· IB Chinese Exam

· Australian Mandarin exams

Teachers will find that the lessons are prepared to optimize student's learning of the Chinese language. The objectives of each Chinese Made Easy lesson are precisely addressed and built up as the lessons progress. Lessons are regularly consolidated and validated all throughout. The pacing of lessons is gradual. It gives consideration to the learning curve of students as they acquire Chinese skills. The entire Chinese Made Easy curriculum has 2 levels. Books 1, 2, 3 are level one, while books 4 and 5 are second level.

Karmen of Washington and Alice of Texas (also ChildBook customers) agree that Chinese Made Easy is a great tool to introduce Chinese to students. Karmen first taught Mandarin to a group of 6-9 year olds and has found that the books did a wonderful job of introducing Pinyin to students. She is planning to use Chinese Made Easy again as part of the lessons.

Teaching tools that can be used for school and home review are also available. Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids has a Teachers' Guide that teachers and parents can use to guide their children in learning Chinese. Posters and flashcards may also be used in school or at home to reinforce the Chinese skills the student has learned.

Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids was written by Ms. Yamin Ma and

Ms. Xinying Li. Ms Ma has a M.Ed. in Curriculum Design and Development from Queen s University, Canada. Ms. Li has a postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Both authors have taught in China and other countries. They are currently teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong.

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